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When will we be getting the chocolate frog boxes?

Chocolate boxes are being ordered within the next few days and should be sent out soon. We had a few loose ends to tie up with some people who initially expressed interest in selling them, which has taken more time than we would have liked. Sorry for the wait, and thank you so much for contributing to the campaign in this way!

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Happy 5 years, Team Starkid!

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My only crime was love. In town there was only she who was as beautiful as me - on the inside.

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Starkid 30 Day Challenge
Day 9: favorite costume

"I am in charge of this mission now!"

—Taz, “Starship”

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Starkid 30 Day Challenge
Day 7: favorite fan challenge

"Challenge complete…-ed.”

—Lauren Lopez, APOCALYPTOUR Fan Challenge - Donut on a String

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